Today’s article is about the capabilities of FLUX PROTOCOL

Andrey Pavlenko
2 min readOct 7, 2021

Before I start the introductory part, we have great news FLUX PROTOCOL is starting a partnership with SOLANA. We have been heard !!!

Today I want to tell you in more detail about what features FLUX PROTOCOL has to offer. So, let’s get started:

  1. FLUX PROTOCOL can provide smart contracts with data from the real world. The range of this data is as large as possible. FLUX PROTOCOL protocol can provide data about the price of certain assets in order to create their synthetic versions on the blockchain, can connect to sites via API keys and transmit to the blockchain the data that this communication channel is able to provide . For example, in the case of exchanges, the API allows you to see the entire history of transactions and trade remotely through a third-party interface. In addition, the API can get a lot of other data: about the weather, the results of sports matches, the number of short and long positions, and so on. All this opens up great opportunities for creating interesting blockchain applications.

2. FLUX PROTOCOL also has a manual data transfer feature as well, i.e. smart contracts can send a request to the validator that cannot be answered automatically and then the FLUX PROTOCOL validators will be able to conduct this response manually. Plus, FLUX PROTOCOL supports the data aggregation function, which will allow to use the effect of “collective intelligence”, i.e. allows many people to reach a consensus on a certain issue and thereby transmit the most objective data to the blockchain.

3. FLUX PROTOCOL will also act as an aggregator of other oracles, a feature that other oracles do not have. With this feature, smart contract developers will be able to significantly save on paying for a large number of oracles. Instead, cooperating only FLUX PROTOCOL, which will itself collect information from other oracles and pass it to the end user. It is also important to understand that FLUX PROTOCOL will also have its own DAO. An important role in FLUX PROTOCOL ecosystem will be played by their native FLX token and its straking

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