There are more opportunities in the market! This is a must-read book! Announced details of $ FLX token and mainnet launch.

Andrey Pavlenko
2 min readNov 18, 2021

We have great news this week. Having watched over the FLUX PROTOCOL project for 10 weeks, we will soon be able to join and touch the story of the formation of such a powerful project! Yes, a new powerful player like the Unicorn It’s not easy for other Oracles as they enter the market. However, healthy competition is said to have tremendous consequences. So what are you waiting for?

And the next thing waiting for the Balancer platform is the LBP auction. And all of us can participate. I’m not in a hurry to buy in the first few minutes, develop a buying strategy and only buy so you can carry in their bags! Say at once. The auction is open to everyone. Held on December 1st, the protocol will be launched on the NEAR network at the latest on November 30th. Now, this is the current input data:

· Auction Date: Dec 1st, 2021

· $FLX Max Circulating Supply: 1,000,000,000

· Starting Price per $FLX: $2.00

· Ending Price with no Buy/Sell action: $0.1035

· $FLX Initial LBP Supply: 15,000,000

· $FLX Initial Weight: 95%

· $FLX Final Weight: 50%

· $USDC Initial Supply: $1,578,950

· Hourly Rate: -0.006250

· Duration: 72 hours

The auction starts at $ 2. The price is determined by the market, but the lowest price that can be achieved at this auction is $ 0.1035. But don’t get too excited. No one can buy anything at this price. Only possible if no one buys anything at this auction. I excluded such a scenario because there are very good funds participating in this project, they know how to manage the capital of the project, and everything for the project. Because it provides a kind of support. The project itself also looks more like a new unicorn than a crybaby kitten.

So what do you need to do to get involved ?
There is nothing difficult. FLX operates with an interface called Copper Launch ( What you need: ERC20 wallet, some ETH of gas charges, USDC to participate in the FLA pool. There is nothing difficult.

From me, participate, prepare well for December 1st, reread the article, understand the scale of the project, choose the best conditions for me, before I want to say that to move forward is necessary. Buy as much as you can and choose your strategy first. Strategy selection is a must.

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