New article about FLUX DAO !

Andrey Pavlenko
2 min readOct 28, 2021

Hello dear friends ! I want to tell you about the new FLUX PROTOCOL, today I found new articles and updates on the FLUX PROTOCOL website and I wanted to share the latest news with you.

In general, FLUX PROTOCOL will be managed by the DAO system. Users will manage the development of the project FLUX PROTOCOL. DAO is a decentralized management system by voting, where you can, by voting, make some changes to the project and vote for changes to the project and more.

The Token project will also be used on the platform as: registry management, network security, protocol management and grants. All these points of course involve the protocol itself and TOKEN FLUX PROTOCOL.

Working with the registry, of course, voting for correct data, which will come to the validator and culling of incorrect data, by voting, network security, if any incorrect data came in, in any smart contract or whatever be these elements of appeal on the platform, than again voting and making changes on FLUX PROTOCOL. That is, through TOKEN will be this operation of protocol management, of course, the change in the protocol will be exactly the community. Now, if any changes by voting within the system DAO and it will be decided to change the direction of action whether something that the community voted for by voting again with the help of token FLUX PROTOCOL.

Also grants is a separate item, in this all, because, it does not depend directly on the interaction of FLUX PROTOCOL, but is, so to speak, an element of the development of this project integration of this project into other projects by providing grants. See, 5% of the total is allocated to grants. This is not unimportant, that is, new projects that when they want to create a decentralized project using data coming from the oracles, and if FLUX PROTOCOL comes in, they give a grant to this project, thus promoting themselves and support projects, forcing the project to interact with the protocol oracles FLUX PROTOCOL. Very cool !!! For new projects this is a new chance to connect to a new cool aggregator quickly, here — now, and get a grant.

These are the changes to the project.

Thank you friends! I’ll keep you posted !

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