Axelar Network important information about the project ! And also how exactly now to take part in the project or Quantum Community Program ?

Andrey Pavlenko
3 min readJan 11, 2022

I have been following the project for exactly 1 year, in January 2020 I began to closely monitor it and now I can say with confidence that this project is dedicated to: NETWORKS, TOOLS and APIs.

  1. For Blockchain Platform Builders: Plug your blockchain into all other blockchain ecosystems.

2. Application Builder: You can host your application anywhere, lock, unlock, transfer assets, and communicate with applications on other chains through the Axelar API.

3. Users: Interact directly with all applications across the ecosystem from your wallet.

It is a cross-chain platform that meets the needs of platform developers and application creators. The Axeler network consists of a blockchain ecosystem that speaks different languages and a decentralized network that connects a set of application programming interfaces and protocols. This makes it easier for applications to perform cross-chain queries. The network connects existing autonomous blockchains such as Bitcoin, Stellar, Terra and Algorand with interoperability centers such as Cosmos, Avalanche, Ethereum and Polkadot solutions.
The idea is to allow application developers to more easily create applications using universal protocols and APIs without having to deploy their own interchain protocols or rewrite their applications when new bridges are developed.

How to start participating in the project right now?

Testnet — I was able to get into Testnet from the form.I went there a long time ago, but I was just invited to the New Year.For now, there is no way to get there.But do not despair.The team promises a public test net, where they plan to launch everyone.As for the closed test net, no activity is currently taking place.There was a phase that could not be done.Anyway, if everything goes well in the future, I will describe the process.As for the reward, participants can receive about 3% of the brainchild fee.

Quantum Community Program this is like an ambassador program.By 1/17/2022, people who want to do a variety of activities, it is that I want you to read what is written here.There are 4 rounds.There are plans for the 2nd selection of 300 people, the 3rd selection of 150 people, and the final selection of 50 people.A total of 300,000 tokens have been allocated.From the 2nd round, 10 million tokens will be allocated for each round. (

Why is it important to keep track of the project?

Here, of course, everyone decides what strategy to choose and how you can help the project, but I personally participate in all activities in order to the project noticed by as many people as possible. As you get acquainted with the project you will understand what value it can carry. And so that you quickly get down to business, I suggest you get acquainted with those who have already supported the project and I tell you it looks very good!

Good luck to everyone! I will leave links to useful resources below.

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