Axelar Network !

Andrey Pavlenko
4 min readJan 15, 2022

Recently, I found a very interesting project, so I decided to introduce it. Because already today the team announced the launch of the main network. That is, you should study it right now.Because I think this is a very interesting solution and what the market right now definitely needs. Let’s study the Axela network project.First, go to the white paper tab of your website and attach a link to it for easy reference.

This is the basic document. All blockchain projects have it and I have translated and read this document and I am giving you a very short summary. The Axelar network provides a single solution for cross-chain communication, which is necessary for two main categories of users:

  1. Developers of different platforms, but in this case they do not have to deal with the most complex technical parts, it works by integration.
  2. The developer of the dApps application will have access to all of the blockchain using 1 simple protocol and API.

In other words, the Accelerator network will be a complete blockchain with its own validators and its own tokens.At the same time, access to all blockchains means access to all liquidity and the ability to move tokens freely from one network to another, so the average user needs such a solution.So it’s a really interesting idea, and top-notch venture capital funds are also interested.We talked about the fund in the previous article.We have raised more than $2,800 million in total at this stage.You can also use CRYPTO.COM exchanges invest in projects using the problematic ERC-20 token, but this token can only be remitted on the Ethereum network for now, so I think it’s a very necessary story for them.Personal investment from Naval Ravikant, CEO of AngelList.

Which blockchain will the Axelar network interact with?

The website already supports large blockchains such as Avalanche, Polygon, and Moonbeam, which are also very important for scaling, and this partnership is very important. ( )
In addition, information is posted on the website that the Axelar network will also interact with Ethereum, Polkadot blockchain.Considering the investment of Binance, I think that the smart chain network of Binance will also be added.What will definitely be a big plus is that the team first builds and tests everything and has not yet released the token.

Let me introduce you to the people who were involved in this project.

I will try to spot 2 founders:

  1. Sergey Gorbunov

A young and smart man, he has already become a professor at MIT, one of the most prestigious educational institutions in America, 1.He was also previously the head of cryptography for the Algorand project and also had the Algo token.It is quite a successful project.

2. Georgios Vlachos

Founding team member at Algorand. Design and development of the consensus. Head of mathematics. Gold Medal at the International Math Olympiad. BSc and MS Eng. MIT

Let’s also take a look at Twitter for this project.Who will follow you?

It’s not that many people subscribe yet, but you see, you see.
1. Bette Chen is the founder of the Acala Network. )
2. Anatoly Yakovenko is the founder of Solana Labs. ).
3. Jack Zampolin is the founder of the Cosmos SDK. )
4. Graham Jenkin (CEO, CoinList). )

The project, without tokens, has just begun the network, and at this stage it has attracted a lot of interest.

Once again, about the current activities !

  1. RECENTLY, THERE WAS A CALL FOR TESTNET, BUT AT THE MOMENT IT HAS BEEN CLOSED. But it’s okay, the team promised to make it available to everyone soon.Subscribe on Twitter or Discord to follow the news and announcements!
  2. Tweet a photo of the robot, and use the appropriate #Axelar ! The NFT will be in time.Don’t forget to work with discord first.After all, discord is the main place for communication.
  3. Accelerator Quantum Community Program until 1/17
    - Create blog posts about various aspects of Accelerator.
    - Create commentary/ step-by-step videos.
    - Create infographics and whiteboard videos.
    - Create tutorials.
    - Make a translation.
    - Create and moderate new community channels.
    - Create graphics (memes, videos, GIFs).
    - Write accelerator-related articles on the Medium page.
    - Create commentary /whiteboard/analysis etc.Accelerator to your YouTube;
    - Cover the accelerator in the blog.
    - Other activities

Useful materials:
Website: https://axelar .network/