Are you scared to participate in an ambassador program? don’t worry, I will tell you why it is possible and necessary to participate in the ambassador program of the FLUX PROTOCOL project, I think the set will still be open

Andrey Pavlenko
2 min readSep 23, 2021

Most recently, the project launched an ambassador program called the Flux Foreteller Ambassador Program. The goal of this program is to create an active and talented community around the project that will help in the development of Flux.

Here are the expectations of the program from its creators:

“At the heart of every blockchain product is the community. Our community is an extension of what we create — a place for everyone, a place to learn and grow, a place to reach your maximum potential. Flux Protocol is recruiting Foretellers to accelerate company growth and get involved in the community. As Foreteller, you will help both new and existing users understand our ecosystem, identify and connect with potential communities, organize and participate in regional events and hackathons, scale and grow with us. “

Program participants can:
-write articles
-make memes
-organize meetings
-make infographic
-share Flux on social media

Thus, the project welcomes people with a wide variety of skills and talents.

What will the ambassadors get?
-Flux and network awards;
-the freshest news of the project
-the ability to communicate with the team, new acquaintances
-new experience
At the moment, the set for the first season has ended, but there will be more sets for other seasons.

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